Introducing The Pentagram®

Between credit cards, deposits, loans from different banks, it's easy to get confused whether you've got the best offer for your money. Pentagram helps you end the cycle of wonder in the world of bank offers. We will always find for you the best market rate with a nationaly insured credit union or community bank.

Pentagram helps you manage money with smart financial products so you don't get trapped in between everyday expenses and unexpected costs and long term goals. Becuase it’s easy to fall behind. End the cycle of high-interest rates and earn highest market rates for your deposits with no fees.

Pentagram is an Over - The - Top banking platform. A multi-product consumer interface to credit unions, offering co-branded high value financial & non-financial services. A philosophy based on the combination of exceptional user experience, smart consumer products coupled with the security and tradition of credit unions.

Most importantly we aligned our interest with our customers.